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About Us

Service items:

1、We provide the A、 B、C、D、E、and dies for metal zip chain making machinery.
2、All kinds of sliders and its accessories.
3、Accessories for zips.
4、All kinds of films for open-end zips.
5、Aluminum wires for top & bottom stops.
6、We provide #45,#4,#5 type metal zips for open-end, close-end, yards...etc. Moreover, we provide the wires which are made of copper (8515), brass (6535), aluminum and nickel respectively for making Y type zips.
7、We provide import and export service for textile machinery ,precise molds, metal zips, plastic zips, accessories for garments, and relative to above-mentioned products in china.
8、We provide the cold spray paint service for all kinds of hardware and sliders, which means we can make your products reach 3H hardness and the function of acid-proof, alkali-proof, boiling water-proof, punch-proof, environmentally friendly and lead-free. Moreover, our technique hasalready reached the standard of international brand.



A、B、C、D、E and F molds for metal zips


NO.#45,#4 and #5 wires for Y type metal zips


Y type metal zips are plated with gold or nickel


Y type metal open-end zip and close-end zip

NO.#45,#4 and #5 wires for Y type metal zips


All kinds of films and aluminum wires for top & bottom stops



Parent Company
YuhPheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
AD:No.15, Dong Guang Road, Ping Zhen City, Taoyuan Country, Taiwan
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The First Factory
Fo Shan YuhPheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
AD: No.04, Tang Bai Road, Bai Kang Village, He Shun Town, Nan Hai district, FO SHAN City , Guang Dong Province , China
Tel: +86-(0)757-85118791, 85113358,85101011(Trading Dept.)
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The Second Factory
Fo Shan Kun Lo Machinery Co., Ltd.
AD: Ping Tang Industrial Estate, Guan Yao, Shi Shan Town, Nan Hai district, FO SHAN City , Guang Dong Province , China
Website: www.y-km.com